Almost 2,500 student beds being developed in Cork as a fresh application is lodged with City Hall

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Ireland“More than 2,000 student apartment bed spaces are currently under construction or planned in Cork. A fresh planning application lodged this week for another development will add a further 174 bed spaces if approved. Kevin Lynch has lodged plans for an eight-storey building on the site of the former Kelleher’s Tyre premises on the Victoria Road …” (more)

[Alan Healy, EchoLive, 14 May]

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Universities told to refund half of students’ tuition fees for failing to make up missed lectures during strikes

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“Students should be refunded at least 50% of their tuition fees for lost teaching time by universities that failed to minimise the disruption caused by last year’s lecturer strikes, the Office of the Independent Adjudicator has said. The independent body which looks at complaints across higher education, said that was the ‘starting point’ for those affected …” (more)

[Eleanor Busby, Independent, 14 May]


Dublin lecture theatre to be named after Veronica Guerin

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Ireland“A lecture theatre at Dublin City University is being named after journalist Veronica Guerin. It is part of the university’s Women in Leadership initiative, which plans to name half of its major buildings after inspiring females …” (more)

[, 14 May]

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The Threat of the Mega-Providers in Higher Education

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Ireland“‘In the long run we are all dead’. I can’t remember who said that but I’m wondering how much more time we have in higher education before the world-scale mega-providers of education and training put us out of business. This is a ‘lightening talk’ I’ll be delivering at the EdTech2019 in Dundalk at the end of May. As there is no time for discussion at the end of each talk I’d be happy to discuss this over a drink after the conference dinner. Or you could join the debate in the comments below …” (more)

[Well I wouldn’t start from here anyway!, 9 May]

The death of the literature review and the rise of the dynamic knowledge map

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“Almost every academic article starts with a literature review. However, although these short research summaries can be beneficial, as discussed in previous posts on the LSE Impact Blog, they also introduce opportunities for unverifiable misrepresentation and self-aggrandizement. In this post Gorgi Krlev proposes that short of abolishing them, or aiming for complete standardization of literature reviews, researchers in the social sciences and humanities should instead develop dynamic knowledge maps that can visually display the relationship between new research and the existing literature …” (more)

[LSE Impact Blog, 14 May]

Graduation by Grade Is a Relic of a Bygone Trinity

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Ireland“Several times a year, Front Square becomes a flurry of black robes, airborne hats and camera flashes as Trinity’s graduates celebrate receiving academic degrees. But for many, as the Irish Times discussed this week, the ceremony is not the day of unbridled delight that it should be. The practice of separating graduands into academic brackets – revealing the relative standing of each in terms of their grades – is self-evidently a misguided and antiquated way to run a graduation ceremony …” (more)

[University Times, 13 May]

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Uproar over closure of UCD’s Campus Bookshop

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Ireland“The connection between the Campus Bookshop at UCD and the Fred Hanna bookshop family is to end, after 41 years as academic bookseller at the university. The current licence to operate the shop expires at the end of May. In March, College Bookstores Ltd, trading as The Campus Bookshop, served three months’ notice to the university …” (more)

[Deirdre Falvey, Irish Times, 13 May]


Without Funding, Universities Will Struggle to Keep Their Standards Intact

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Ireland“This week, a report carried out by independent further education watchdog Quality and Qualifications Ireland advised that Dublin City University (DCU) should introduce ways for students to review their learning experience. The report addressed many of the concerns that most Irish students would raise with their education today: unclear grading systems, inconsistent requirements between modules and the quality of teaching …” (more)

[University Times, 13 May]

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