Luxury flights and UCD

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Ireland“Sir, – Your news article on the amount publicly funded universities spent on business class flights over the last year was shocking (‘Publicly funded universities spent about €1.5 million on luxury flights’, News, September 16th). As Ireland’s global university, it is not a surprise that UCD staff travel regularly. However, these expenses should be kept to a minimum …” (more)

[Letters, Irish Times, 17 September]

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For Quality and Equality, Public Funding is Higher Education’s Best Option

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Ireland“More than 20 years after the abolition of higher education fees, Ireland now has the second highest student contribution fees in Europe. This system is often referred to as having ‘free fees’. Our politicians have a great sense of humour …” (more)

[Laura Harmon, University Times, 16 September]

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Are freshers the new realists when it comes to mental health support?

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“‘I had an issue in Freshers’, said Lucy, ‘so this was like three days into me moving into the university house and I just had a meltdown and I had no idea what to do. So I was literally, like, I have known these people for 48 hours, where do I go?’ …” (more)

[Jenny Shaw, Wonkhe, 17 September]

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Behind the Lace Curtain

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Ireland“The term ‘lace curtain poverty’ was coined to refer to situations where the objective reality of being impoverished is compounded by the additional complication whereby your circumstances are assumed by neighbours and the wider community to be at a much more comfortable (even prosperous) level than they actually are …” (more)

[IFUT, 16 September]

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Persistence of student sees cycle lanes reinstated at Cork Institute of Technology

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Ireland“Cork Institute of Technology’s segregated cycle lanes will be reinstated thanks to the persistence of a student. Previously, the cyle lanes leading into the CIT campus were segregated but part of the raised kerb, which separated the lanes from the road, was then lowered, meaning cars could get inside the lanes and use them for parking …” (more)

[Áine Kenny, EchoLive, 16 September]

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