CIT merger postponed

“The merging of CIT and IT Tralee has been officially postponed for at least six months by the Department of Education, the Cork Independent can reveal. Two letters were sent to the staff and students of both colleges on Tuesday. One was from the presidents of the colleges and the other was from Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh …” (more)

[Niamh Aine Ryan, Cork Independent, 2 October]

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  1. noname Says:

    I agree with the general theme the educational benefits of merging like institutions has never been explained. If one is going to go down the path of mergers, surely mergers of IoTs with neighbouring universities would make more sense? Surely CIT makes a very natural (technological) sibling to UCC? On a point of info, I am unaware of any history between WIT and IT Carlow, good or bad. It s also worth noting that the current WIT President is a former Predsident of Carlow (not just Registrar).

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