Colleges Can’t Rely on Students to Uphold the University of Sanctuary Scheme

Ireland“Students in Dublin City University (DCUSU) must have felt a sense of deja vu last week when they launched a petition against the deportation of Mehwish Saqib. Just last year, Dublin City University Students’ Union (DCUSU) launched a similar petition to fight the deportation of Shepherd Machaya, who was attending the college under the University of Sanctuary scheme and was under threat of torture if he returned to his native Zimbabwe …” (more)

[University Times, 14 October]

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2 Responses to “Colleges Can’t Rely on Students to Uphold the University of Sanctuary Scheme”

  1. Dan Says:

    The university of sanctuary scheme is a load of crap to be honest. It’s a transparent ploy to blackmail the government into excusing failed asylum seekers on the strength of a scholarship the university itself has given which carries no moral weight whatsoever. Why do these self-aggrandising twits think they can bestow Irish citizenship by sole virtue of them putting somebody on a free course?
    There’s an asylum system already. Use it.

  2. john Says:

    I also disagree with the University of Sanctuary Scheme. It is nonsense. I am all for University freedom but they have no business granting residency rights.

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