The two-tier nature of education system

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Ireland“Sir, – The recently published Higher Education Authority (HEA) report on socioeconomic and spatial differences in third-level education (as reported in Carl O’Brien’s article ‘Wealthy students more likely to study high-points courses’, News, October 21st) draws attention to the role that parental income and where you live may play in higher education choices in Ireland. However, a deeper understanding of these relationships is needed …” (more)

[Letters, Irish Times, 28 October]

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Pressure on students

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Ireland“Sir, – I must disagree with the head of examinations and assessment in the State Examination Committee, Tim Desmond, in recommending that ‘the CAO system changes significantly, to move the pressure point from the end of senior cycle to the end of first year in third-level institutions’ …” (more)

[Marion Dunne, Irish Times, 28 October]

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Union warns English Language Teaching sector facing disruption unless grievances addressed

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Ireland“A trade union has warned that the English Language Teaching sector could well be facing into a period of serious industrial relations disruption. Trade union Unite was reacting to news that teachers at Delfin English Language school in Dublin are preparing for a further two-day strike this week …” (more)

[, 27 October]

UCCSU Launches Food Bank for Struggling Students

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Ireland“University College Cork Students’ Union (UCCSU) has launched a food bank as part of its student hardship fund to help students in financial difficulty. UCCSU is seeking to address the issue of student poverty in a ‘tangible manner’, in the wake of reports showing an estimated 36% of students in Ireland are currently experiencing ‘severe financial problems’ …” (more)

[Robert Quinn, University Times, 27 October]

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Students protest closure of NUI Galway’s Caifé na Gaeilge

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Ireland“NUI Galway’s Students’ Union has officially confirmed the closure of Caifé na Gaeilge, located in Áras na Gaeilge. The Students’ Union released a statement, stating that the Caifé was closed, having been ‘operating on a loss since 2008’ …” (more)

[Conor Brummell, Irish Times, 26 October]

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Library To Introduce Desk Hogging Monitors

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Ireland“Trinity’s libraries are to employ a team of postgraduate students for the upcoming revision and assessment periods to monitor study spaces and prevent ‘desk hogging’. The monitors will leave notes on desks that appear to be unoccupied but have possessions such as books and laptops on them. The notes will inform the ‘desk hogger’ that if they do not reclaim the space within a certain period of time, the belongings will be removed …” (more)

[Emer Moreau, University Times, 25 October]

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Student apartment owner cannot engage in short-term letting

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Ireland“The owner of student accommodation on the Western Road will not be allowed to carry on letting apartments on a short-term basis outside of the third-level academic year after An Bord Pleanála overruled its own inspector …” (more)

[Robert McNamara, EchoLive, 25 October]

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