‘Women-only professors a start, but management culture change needed’

Ireland“Radical changes in management culture at Irish universities are required to secure equal access by women to senior academic posts, according to a leading Irish expert in gender equality. Professor Pat O’Connor has welcomed the establishment of women-only professorships as a ‘necessary start’, but says that fundamental action is required for a ‘culture change’ …” (more)

[Lorna Siggins, Independent, 6 January]


One Response to “‘Women-only professors a start, but management culture change needed’”

  1. D Says:

    Fixing sexism with sexism. What nonsense.
    If you have identified a sexist hiring/promotion process then fix that. But oh no, you want to game the outcome that can ONLY have the effect of being a sexist hiring process.
    I thought these idiotic sexist professorships had been shelved anyway as they’d last about four seconds in an equality court?

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