UCC course to combat sexual abuse reaches wider audience

Ireland“An anti-sexual abuse course developed in University College Cork is to be made mandatory for all new students at University College Dublin. The bystander intervention course, which focuses on how to help when you see someone at risk of predatory behaviour, was developed by UCC’s vice dean at the School of Law, Dr Louise Crowley …” (more)

[Shane Raymond, Irish Examiner, 25 February]

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One Response to “UCC course to combat sexual abuse reaches wider audience”

  1. D Says:

    Weird that harassment is now deemed more serious than actual assault now among the left. Why not have mandatory self-defense and weapons training? Or send every new student to Templemiore for a year if what you really want is citizen cops?
    I hope UCC loses students due to this mandatory vigilante training. Students are there to learn their subject, not enforce the law.

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