Knowledge, skills and When Harry Met Sally

Posted in Teaching on March 29th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“I’m reading Martin Robinson’s ‘Curriculum: Athena versus the Machine’ at the moment. It’s a wonderful read. The world of education is infested with instrumentalism, talk of ’21st century skills’, uninformed speculation about artificial intelligence, non-stop bullshitting about ‘real world problem-solving’ and a fixation with making education ‘relevant to students lives’. It’s more than slightly depressing …” (more)

[Education and other Things, 29 March]

For Higher Education, Nothing Matters More Than September

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“Residential colleges and universities are scrambling to finish the academic year online, fretting over next fall’s enrollment, and struggling with cash flow challenges. What terrifies so many higher education leaders is a scenario in which the coronavirus persists into late summer and campuses are not permitted to reopen next fall. If the Class of 2024 is forced to starts its college career from home and an online, the impact will be cataclysmic …” (more)

[Paul LeBlanc, Forbes, 29 March]


University of Limerick to close to public access due to Covid-19

Posted in Governance and administration on March 29th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“The University of Limerick (UL) is set to close public access due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Access to the vast campus in Castletroy will be locked, with barriers put in place across all entrance paths and roads. Entrance to the facility will be by the main gate only, which will be controlled …” (more)

[Nick Rabbitts, Limerick Leader, 29 March]

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