Medics, paralysis and the class of 2020

“I’m in lockdown for what seems like forever and although there is a feeling of being in the movie, Groundhog Day, I’m actually quite happy. I think I needed a break from ploughing into DCU every day for too many years to mention. It has been interesting to observe how the country is coping with the Covid crisis …” (more)

[Tales from Academia, 6 May]

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  1. Mary Gallagher Says:

    Very interesting post. But even though these are exactly the questions that are saturating public discussion over here in France, it would be difficult to overstate how traumatised French medics are. Some people are very critical of the French government’s reliance on the emergency committee of medical oracles. They are accusing it of reneging on its responsibilities in relation to the bigger picture. But it’s very difficult to ignore the apocalyptic trauma that the hospital and care-home world has been going through here. Top clinicians and the head of the Paris hospital network have been breaking down in tears on TV. The sense of exhaustion and helplessness and even terror is still there, and it’s highly contagious. I imagine it’s the same in the UK…

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