‘Not at the moment’: Universities don’t plan to refund fees for this or the next academic year

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Ireland“Most universities and third-level colleges are returning rent fees to students, while also facing a €500 million funding gap because of the Covid-19 pandemic. This estimate by the Higher Education Authority poses a significant problem for universities: squeezed from all sides by a drop in international students, a drop in advertising, and a loss in on-campus accommodation fees …” (more)

[TheJournal.ie, 1 June]

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Je suis UCD and Black Lives Matter to me

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Ireland“Though there’s much that matters more to me, I would never knowingly harm UCD. My academic identity papers are stamped UCD. I travel on a UCD passport. It’s my academic address and it’s home to my immediate academic family. There can be no divorce of convenience now: we are terminally married. In fact, je suis UCD in the same way as je suis irlandaise …” (more)

[In a Strange Land, 1 June]


Brain dumps and assessment

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Ireland“I wrote two posts yesterday and they amounted to about 2200 words. They took me about 80-90 minutes to write but it was an intense time. I checked my blood pressure afterwards because I felt a bit off and sure enough my blood pressure was in the red zone. Writing is an intense process, at least for me it is …” (more)

[Tales from Academia, 1 June]


Cork residents protest over students partying near UCC

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Ireland“Over 60 people living near University College Cork held a silent gathering on Sunday to highlight what they claim are breaches of Covid-19 regulations by students holding parties in rented accommodation …” (more)

[Barry Roche, Irish Times, 31 May]

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WIT President: ‘We Have Earned the Title of University’

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Ireland“While admitting to feeling ‘a little let down’ in the wake of last week’s Munster Technological University (MTU) announcement, WIT President Willie Donnelly has told staff: ‘We have earned the title of University’ …” (more)

[Dermot Keyes, Waterford News and Star, 31 May]

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Time for a ‘college progression year’

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Ireland“A chara, – Given that the traditional Leaving Cert examination system will not be used this year, we have an opportunity to try something different that may prove to be the way to go for the future. Instead of relying on the Leaving Cert points system, the screening for places in college degree courses, and other career courses, could be done at the end of a ‘college progression year’, in students’ most convenient institute of technology …” (more)

[Cathal MacSwiney Brugha, Irish Times, 1 June]

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News MTU governing body urged to consider former St Finan’s Hospital for distance learning site

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Ireland“The Munster Technological University’s governing body is being urged to consider the former St Finan’s Hospital as a location for distance learning. The merger between IT Tralee and CIT was given the green light last week …” (more)

[Radio Kerry, 31 May]

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Munster university merger concerns

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Ireland“The Teacher’s Union of Ireland (TUI) has called for matters of industrial relations to be ‘urgently addressed’ following the CIT and Institute of Technology Tralee (ITT) merger announcement on Tuesday. The Munster Technological University (MTU) has been in the pipeline since 2013 and is now set to become Ireland’s newest university, the second in Cork …” (more)

[Michael Olney, Cork Independent, 27 May]

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Science and the humanities in the time of pandemic: better together

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Ireland“In most of the world, expertise is making a comeback. We are placing our faith in healthcare professionals such as Dr Tony Holohan and Prof Philip Nolan to lead us through the current pandemic. In the US, where the ascent of experts is on shakier ground, Dr Anthony Fauci is the target of both immoderate adulation and inexplicable death threats …” (more)

[Kathryn Conrad, Cóilín Parsons, and Julie McCormick Weng, Irish Times, 1 June]

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