Daily Archives: 20 June, 2020

New Ulster University vice-chancellor to earn £300k
Campaign group, Education Futures, says a forum is needed to tackle the crisis in Higher and Further Education
Results Released by UCD in ‘Technical Error’
‘Fire-fighting’ coronavirus contact tracing hub in UCC stood down for now
Fate of UCD Graduation Ceremonies Still Unclear Amid Pandemic Restrictions
Magazine Road residents protest at landlord’s house over student parties
Third-Year Medicine Students Receive Warning After Accusation of Cheating
Amid Outrage, Neither College or Scholars Come Out of Accommodation Fight Well
Push for Tech Uni status ‘Must be Front and Centre’
TD raises concerns about Dundalk IT course issue impacting students
Erasmus, interrupted
Health chief Dr Michael McBride raises concerns at ‘ill-informed commentary’ by academics in letter to QUB
UCD school of medicine disassociates itself from professor’s views
Mardyke Arena UCC provides update on what their reopening will look like