‘Snobby’ obsession with university for school-leavers must end, says Harris

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Ireland“We need to get rid of the the ‘snobby’ obsession with university as the only pathway for school-leavers, Minister for Further and Higher Education Simon Harris has said. A broad conversation is required on how we move young adults from secondary school to their desired career pathway, he said …” (more)

[Carl O’Brien, Irish Times, 8 October]


Minister Harris announces €10 million project with UCD, IADT and NCAD

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Ireland“Minister Harris announced on Monday that the Creative Futures Academy – a joint project between UCD, IADT and NCAD – would receive €10 million in funding under the Human Capital Initiative …” (more)

[Iseult O’Callaghan, College Tribune, 8 October]

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Climate protesters reject Gardaí warning following Trinity vandalism

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Ireland“Today, System Change Ireland co-founder Ronan Browne has declined the adult caution given to him following the vandalization that took place on College grounds. Two climate change activists from System Change Ireland were arrested on the afternoon of August 15, following a protest action at Trinity as part of the group’s ‘Mobilise Peace TCD’ campaign …” (more)

[Shannon Connolly, Trinity News, 8 October]

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Students hit by calculated grades error have been offered college places

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Ireland“Students who missed out on college courses due to the calculated grades error have now been offered their places. Higher education minister Simon Harris said the offers had gone out on Thursday morning. There were 424 students who were identified by the CAO to have missed out on their desired college course due to wrongly being awarded a lower grade …” (more)

[James Ward, Independent, 8 October]

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Trinity’s Old Library: ‘Ireland’s most beautiful room’ gets 21st century makeover

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Ireland“Trinity College Dublin has been rooted in the history and culture of these islands since it was founded by Royal Charter in 1592. Yet it is also an integral part of the modern Ireland that is confident in the education and skills of its people to meet the challenges of the future …” (more)

[Helen Shenton, Irish Times, 7 October]


Ireland Must Commit to Increased Third-Level Funding And Equal Access for All

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Ireland“Starting college in 2020 will be an experience like none that has gone before it. The moves to more online learning, the lack of opportunities to socialise and social distancing measures will mean that students and staff have to adapt to a whole new and challenging environment …” (more)

[Laura Harmon, University Times, 7 October]

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€5.1m in Funding as Technological University Moves to Advanced Stages

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Ireland“The announcement of €5.1m funding for the Technological University of the South East of Ireland (TUSEI) project has been welcomed by the presidents of Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) and Institute of Technology Carlow (IT Carlow). The TUSEI project had applied to the multi-annual Technological Universities Transformation Fund (TUTF) for funding support in respect of the costs arising in working towards designation as a technological university, in line with the Technological Universities Act 2018 …” (more)

[Claire Quinn, Waterford News and Star, 7 October]

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Researched to death? How universities have sidelined teaching

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Ireland“The sudden transfer of third-level courses to the virtual world due to the Covid-19 pandemic raises an uncomfortable question for the education system: just how much real teaching has been going on in universities? Creating online courses at short notice serves the function of keeping students moving along the conveyor belt to graduation. But is something being lost in the process – and if so, what? …” (more)

[Joe Humphreys, Irish Times, 8 October]


‘Out With The Old, in With The New’: Examining UCD’s Proposed Dignity and Respect Policies

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Ireland“University College Dublin (UCD) has released new drafts of their Dignity and Respect Policies for review to students and staff this week. The four documents contain proposed revisions of the University’s Dignity and Respect Policy, which concern bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct and how these issues will be dealt with by UCD’s Management team moving forward …” (more)

[Isobel Dunne, College Tribune, 7 October]

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