Is the move online adding to casualisation of HE work?

Posted in Governance and administration on November 8th, 2020 by steve

International“Within the emerging critical literature on edtech in higher education and its impact on academic labour, with rare exceptions, little attention has been paid to the outsourcing of teaching through online programme management providers (OPMs), and how it contributes to the casualisation of academic work inside and within traditional university settings …” (more)

[Mariya Ivancheva, Aline Courtois and Carolina Guzmán-Valenzuela, University World News, 7 November]

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International Applications to Trinity Dip After Years of Seismic Growth

Posted in Fees, access and admissions on November 8th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“The number of non-EU applications to Trinity dropped this year, after climbing by 70% between 2017 and 2019. Some 9,034 international students applied for a place in Trinity this year, down from 9,453 in 2019, according to figures released to The University Times under the Freedom of Information Act. There were 6,869 such applications in 2018, and 5,469 in 2017 …” (more)

[Emer Moreau, University Times, 7 November]

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The changing scope of students’ welfare needs

Posted in Life on November 8th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“‘One student described how the isolation period on campus could be “profoundly lonely” and that, “There have been days that have taken a toll on mental health.”’ ‘First year students, who by all rights should be swirling in a whirlwind of free wine and pizza from societies, pouring their heart out to a new best friend as they stumble back to Dartry from town, are instead restricted from the mill of new people that typically makes first year so exciting …'” (more)

[Jack Ryan, Trinity News, 6 November]

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