Covid and why we need to teach the scientific method

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Ireland“I’ve been teaching budding scientist for over thirty years now and while I love the idea of choice (I was always fond of UCD’s Horizon project) I’ve always been wary of students becoming Jacks of all Trades and masters of none. So, I reject the idea of STEM as a ‘thing’. Furthermore since my entire career has involved teaching on a course that seeks to integrate biology and bioprocess engineering, I know something about how hard it is to integrate subjects, especially subjects that have very different signature pedagogies …” (more)

[Tales from Academia, 18 November]

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Students and Contract Cheating

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Ireland“Dr Brian Maguire, Director of Quality Assurance at Quality and Qualifications Ireland, and Kevin McStravock, Deputy President and VP for Academic Affairs for the Union of Students in Ireland, discuss e-learning and contract cheating …” (audio)

[RTÉ – Drivetime, 18 November]

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UCC-owned education centre backtracks in staff row after thousands bombard president with angry emails

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Ireland“A major Irish education centre – fully owned by University College Cork (UCC) – has been forced into a spectacular climbdown amid a fight over unpopular restructuring plans responsible for more than a dozen redundancies. The Irish Management Institute (IMI) – bought by UCC in 2016 – finally backed down this week on a refusal to talk to staff with their trade union, promising to enter discussions at the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) …” (more)

[Donal MacNamee, Irish Mirror, 18 November]

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UL lecturer discusses working from home

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Ireland“Due to the government’s Covid-19 guidelines that higher education should be primarily online where possible, the vast majority of third-level institutions have moved online for not only this semester but the whole year. University of Limerick (UL) has decided to move the majority of courses online ‘minimising on-campus activity to essential on-campus learning activities’ …” (more)

[Katie O’Donovan, Limerick Voice, 18 November]

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Any Relaxation of College Restrictions Must Be ‘Gradual’, Says IFUT

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Ireland“The Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT) has warned that any change from the current level-five restrictions on universities must be ‘gradual’. At present, most teaching in the third-level sector has moved online, unless in-person classes are deemed necessary, as is the case with practical and laboratory subjects …” (more)

[Cormac Watson, University Times, 17 November]

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TCD and freedom of speech

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Ireland“Sir, – I was a mature student at Trinity College Dublin in 2017 when a group of 40 protesters, not all of them students, protested the proposed talk of the Israeli ambassador to members of the College Society for International Affairs. The right to protest should not be allowed to override the right to academic freedom within the university environment …” (more)

[Teresa Trainor, Irish Times, 18 November]

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On social welfare, unable to buy a house: The reality facing Ireland’s academics

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Ireland“‘I’ve never settled down. You can end up not having a family. I don’t have pets – I foster – as you just don’t know if you’re going to be around or not.’ Dr Ingrid Holme, adjunct research fellow in sociology at UCD, has worked as a lecturer and researcher in universities across Ireland and the UK for more than the past decade …” (more)

[Maria Delaney,, 15 November]

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