Emerging from the Mist: French Universities and Global Rankings

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“France’s higher education system can be described as sui generis and has been categorized as fragmented, stratified, and multitype. From the early twenty-first century, France has been rationalizing its higher education system, following disappointment in the lacklustre performance of its institutions in global university rankings …” (more)

[Ludovic Highman, International Higher Education Winter Issue No 105 (2021)]

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NI universities urged to follow GB and protect student grades

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“Northern Ireland’s two main universities have been urged to follow the lead of their counterparts in Great Britain and introduce a ‘no detriment’ policy to protect student grades against the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson said he has written to both academic institutions, asking them to follow the policy …” (more)

[Mark Bain, Belfast Telegraph, 13 January]

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Why Trinity Should Introduce A Compulsory Environmental Science Module

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Ireland“Individuals, businesses and governments alike have been aware for decades of the intense and widespread degradation that humans are causing to the environment through endless cycles of production, consumption and waste …” (more)

[Alix Pletcher, University Times, 12 January]

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One Dublin College Opts Against Charging International Students More

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Ireland“Joyce Zhao flew from Shanghai into Dublin on a wintery night in February 1999 at around 11pm, and realised there was no-one at the airport to meet her. ‘My arrival was actually forgotten by the college’, says Zhao. She had enrolled in a private college, settling for Ireland after two failed attempts to get a US study visa, she says. A rep was supposed to pick her up …” (more)

[Shamim Malekmian, Dublin Inquirer, 13 January]

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Access to third-level education

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Ireland“Sir, – It comes as no surprise that ‘Wealthy areas keep strong advantage in accessing third-level places’ (News, January 8th). Despite the introduction of ‘free’ second-level education in 1967 and the abolition of third-level fees in 1995, access to third-level education in Ireland continues to be contingent on socio-economic status …” (more)

[Letters, Irish Times, 13 January]

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Excluding home-schooled students from Leaving Cert calculated grades ‘justifiable’, court hears

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Ireland“The exclusion of home-schooled students from the Leaving Certificate calculated grades process was rational and justifiable and the High Court erred in deciding otherwise, lawyers for the Minister for Education have argued before the Court of Appeal (COA). In upholding separate challenges by two home-schooled students over their exclusion from the process, the High Court intruded on policy considerations and effectively created an ‘alternative’ process, it was argued …” (more)

[Mary Carolan, Irish Times, 12 January]

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College must step up for students next semester

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Ireland“In Week 11 of Michaelmas Term, Trinity released the results of its survey, offering valuable insight into how students are coping with learning under the pandemic. College’s focus was on the significant majority who said they were in favour of more in-person teaching in the new year, but the respondents’ answers about their own wellbeing were arguably much more significant …” (more)

[Trinity News, 12 January]

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