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Steve Hedley, Law Faculty, UCC. Photograph by Tomas Tyner.This is my blog on Irish Universities. Mainly, it links to news and discussion elsewhere on the web, though I throw in my own 2 cents on occasion. I also occasionally wander off topic, perhaps into whatever foreign academics are up to, perhaps even out of the ivory tower altogether – usually because there’s some relevance for Irish academics, but sometimes just because I feel like it. It’s my blog, after all.

The blog has being running since August 2008, originally at 9thlevelireland.wordpress.com, now at 9thlevel.ie.  Most (~75%) of the traffic is from Ireland itself. UK, US, France, Germany and Spain account together for a further ~10%; the rest is from around the globe.

If names matter, mine is Steve Hedley. Which categories to put me in: I’m staff, not a student; an academic, not an administrator; a professor, not a lecturer; neither Arts nor Science but an academic lawyer (which is a bit like being a real lawyer – but only a bit). Oh, and I’m also English.  As for my university, it’s NUI, with serious aspirations to being a world-class regional institution. All of which probably makes me unusual – but not much more unusual than anyone else, I guess. I can be contacted at s.hedley@ucc.ie.

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Anyway, enjoy. All comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.