Missing NCI

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Ireland“Yesterday I was in Dublin City Centre for the first time since mid-March, and I happened to be close to the National College of Ireland so I called by to see it. The College is closed on Sundays and I made no attempt to go in …” (more)

[Careful With That Axe, Eugene, 14 September]

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‘We did the maths … it’ll be cheaper to stay in hotels if we have lectures a day or two a week’

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Ireland“Students are planning to stay in a hotel or in bed-and-breakfast accommodation several nights a week when they have on-campus lectures to save money on rent this academic year …” (more)

[Gabija Gataveckaite, Independent, 14 September]

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Students should consider not returning home at weekends – CAO board chairman

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Ireland“Third-level students should consider not returning home at the weekends during the academic term, in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19, the chairman of the CAO board has said. The suggestion has been challenged by the Union of Students in Ireland (USI), which said visiting family is important for the mental health of young people …” (more)

[Shauna Bowers and Vivienne Clarke, Irish Times, 11 September]

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The social side of third level: what will become of it?

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Ireland“Every year, as a new batch of first years hit third level, college and national newspapers publish freshers’ guides. The advice is usually timeless. College is about so much more than academia. Get involved in student clubs and societies, or throw yourself into the students’ union, college newspaper or student radio station …” (more)

[Peter McGuire, Irish Times, 11 September]


Campus Naming and Shaming

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Ireland“Why wouldn’t we? What’s to stop us from ‘speaking out’? Especially if, in Ireland’s small world, we have made something approaching a name or a voice for ourselves. And if one fine day we were beset by a distressing on-campus stalking campaign that wasn’t taken seriously enough by our employer and so eventually escalated out of control …” (more)

[In a Strange Land, 6 September]


Students in accommodation limbo as many lectures go online

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Ireland“Kasia O’Connor will fly into Dublin this Sunday with a few pangs about leaving Crete – and not just because the temperature is currently a sizzling 36 degrees. A third year English, Drama and Film student at UCD, she’s been wondering all summer whether the gamble of booking accommodation in Dublin last May for the year ahead would pay off …” (more)

[Marese McDonagh, Irish Times, 5 September]

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Students face accommodation and fees concern ahead of return to college

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Ireland“Third level students in Cork are preparing for a return to college amid concerns over fees and accommodation costs. With some third level institutes opting largely for supporting students to learn from home, calls have been made for student contribution fees to be reduced …” (more)

[Darragh Bermingham, EchoLive, 31 August]

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College during Covid: Why students have every right to be angry

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Ireland“Covid-19 has affected our entire world, sweeping across class divisions, occupations and all age groups. But I think it is safe to say that we are all united in our empathy for one particular group in Irish society, the students entering college next year – and not just in an ‘Ack, poor things missing the Leaving Cert’, type of way …” (more)

[Martha Brennan, Irish Times, 28 August]

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Two-thirds of students are nervous about returning to third-level education

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Ireland“2020 has been a challenging and uncertain time for us all, but particularly for Irish students. With schools and colleges closed for over 5 months, it’s only natural that the new academic year will be a daunting one …” (more)

[Waterford Live, 28 August]

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Tributes Paid to ‘Irreplaceable’ Professor Brian Fynes

Posted in Life on August 24th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“Last week, University College Dublin’s (UCD) College of Business announced the passing of Professor Brian Fynes following a short illness. The professor of Supply Chain Management, whose connection to UCD stretched back to his days as an undergraduate, had been a cherished faculty member of the College since 1990 …” (more)

[Gemma Farrell, College Tribune, 24 August]

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The Week Ahead

Posted in Life on August 23rd, 2020 by steve

Ireland“On Friday I finished correcting the batch of Repeat examinations that were within my remit. I think the other staff have done likewise. All the marks now get uploaded and cross-checked and before another meeting of the Exam Board the year’s examination process to an end …” (more)

[In the Dark, 23 August]

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Majority of Irish students fear they won’t have enough money to stay in college this year

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Ireland“Four in five students fear they won’t have enough money to stay in college this year. And Covid-19 is to blame because of falling incomes in families and the complete collapse of summer work that normally allow students to build a nest egg for the year …” (more)

[Ferghal Blaney, Dublin Live, 20 August]

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Majority of students not receiving enough government support

Posted in Life on August 13th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“Irish students are reporting they are not receiving enough support from the government support during the pandemic. Research has found there are fears and uncertainty among college students and those entering third-level education. Their mental health has also been affected during the pandemic …” (more)

[BreakingNews.ie, 12 August]

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Why has a gap suddenly become such a risky option?

Posted in Life on August 12th, 2020 by steve

“On my first night at a former poly in the mid-90s, I somehow managed to find myself in a dreary conversation in the SU bar with some posh people trying to outdo each other with tales of them taking a year out to build schools and going ‘interrailing’ …” (more)

[Jim Dickinson, Wonkhe, 12 August]

International Students Long for College Experience and People More than Degree

Posted in Life on July 27th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“University College Dublin (UCD) is considered Ireland’s largest international university. It is home to over 6,000 international students that make up 29% of the student population, according to then most recent registration figures …” (more)

[Danielle DerGarabedian, College Tribune, 26 July]

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Life on Campus in September: What We Know So Far

Posted in Life, Teaching on July 22nd, 2020 by steve

Ireland“Life at University College Dublin will be remarkably unusual for students in the upcoming academic year, as staff, lecturers, clubs, societies, and the government try to implement new public health restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is everything we know so far about what college life will be like this September …” (more)

[Ann Jaffray and Nessa Collins, College Tribune, 21 July]

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The J1 That Never Happened: How Summer 2020 Tanked For US Hopefuls

Posted in Life on July 20th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“As lockdowns across Europe begin to ease, and with the school year right around the corner, the stress and insecurity of the first few weeks of lockdown may feel further and further away from us now. However, many of our fellow students are still just recovering, or are yet to recover, from one of the first and most obvious impacts of the coronavirus: visa cancellations …” (more)

[Jack McGee, College Tribune, 18 July]


How POC Students Feel Marginalised on Irish Campuses

Posted in Life on July 19th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“Since the 1990s, Ireland has witnessed a large wave of social change, including in schools, universities and workplaces. The majority of current Black Irish university students are the children of first generation immigrants that made this place their home – a country that prides itself on immigration …” (more)

[Tolani Adeleye, Demilade Adeniran and Melanie Fidel, University Times, 18 July]

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Discrimination and Apathy: Students Describe Culture of Racism on Campuses

Posted in Life on July 19th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“On placement, Trinity student nurse Florence Nwaje has had to learn to ignore patients telling her that her skin looks like ‘dirt’. College, she told The University Times, does not provide students with the necessary training for dealing with racism while on placement …” (more)

[Tolani Adeleye, Demilade Adeniran, Melanie Fidel and Cormac Watson, University Times, 18 July]

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‘Spend €10k for him to sit in his room?’ – UL student’s parent concerns over new semester

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Ireland“The mother of a student hoping to begin his third level studies at the University of Limerick in September says she felt ‘a sharp shot’ when she read the details of how the new academic semester will play out. The woman from Leinster who is remaining anonymous at the request of her son is now contemplating alternative options for her son …” (more)

[Aine Fitzgerald, Limerick Leader, 18 July]

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