Seanad Éireann

The Irish Senate (Seanad Éireann) includes six members elected by university graduates. (Total membership of the Seanad is 60.) Three are elected by NUI graduates and three by graduates of the University of Dublin. All are technically considered as independents, though in some cases they have well-established party links.

This is the 25th Seanad, elected in April 2016.

The NUI members are:

and the University of Dublin members are:

Current arrangements are not universally considered satisfactory – Why should representation be confined to university graduates (as opposed to all those with degrees), and why not include all the universities? A constitutional amendment was passed in 1979 to facilitate change. None however appears to be imminent.

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See also: “Seanad meeting in UL would mark need for reform” (Irish Times, 10 March 2009); “FF seeks to cut Seanad university seats to two” (Irish Times, 19 August 2009)


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