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The Current Status of the ‘Cush’ Agreement May, 2020
On Zero-Hours Contracts
IFUT Agrees a Protocol with the Irish Universities Association (IUA) on Implementation of the Cush Report
Third Level Staff Data – Part-time staff
New agreement will benefit hundreds of lecturing staff trapped in temporary employment limbo, says IFUT
Third Level Staff: Precarious Employment
Higher education and precarious work
As IFUT sees it … Precarious employment is not fair play!
Third Level Staff – Part-time and Fixed Term employment
Third Level Staff – Fixed-term Workers
Third Level Staff – Precarious Employment in Universities
Third Level Staff – Cush Report
USI said the number of staff on zero-hour contracts at third level is unacceptable
Report shows use of zero-hour contracts by universities
Cush report exposes extent of low pay and zero hour contracts in universities, says IFUT
The Minister for Education and Skills welcomes the Report of the Chairperson of the Expert Group