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Student housing could be this government’s lifeline, but are they really taking it?
Harris to announce €434m plan for 2,700 low-cost student housing beds
€50m EIB funding for new Cork University Business School
UCD announces €350 million loan to facilitate huge expansion in student numbers
RCSI agrees €40m loan to help fund Dublin campus development
Taoiseach opens new €80m Trinity business school
UCC wins appeal over disclosure of loan details to RTÉ
UCC win appeal over requirement to disclose details of loan agreement to RTÉ
€100m Investment a Vote of Confidence and a Sign of Straight Priorities
Trinity College Dublin secures €100m 30-year loan from European Investment Bank
Trinity College secures €100m loan from world’s largest internationally owned public bank
Access to low-cost funding crucial to expansion in higher education
EIB confirms €60m backing for NUI Galway campus and completion of €675 million Irish university lending programme
NUI Galway gets €60m loan for campus development
RCSI signs €50m deal with European Investment Bank
UCC secures loan for ‘largest investment in our history’
Maynooth University gets EIB backing for €153m campus expansion
University of Ulster secures £150m loan to help build Belfast campus
UL €100m loan agreement with EIB delivers flagship project to city centre
University of Limerick secures €100m European loan