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UL spend on mental health services rises to €700,000 in past two years
Universities spend almost €850k on business class airfares
Students4Change criticises ‘corporate model’ of education as FOI data reveals disparities in school funding
College information compliance found to be ‘wholly unsatisfactory’ and ‘disingenuous’
University fields dozens of complaints about improper behaviour by students and staff
Concerns at NUIG over how to answer media questions over civil servant’s secondment on €216k
Trinity College refuses to release emails relating to Holohan job
HEA boss warned of ‘disturbing picture’ at University of Limerick
DCU spent €4.25 million on Covid measures
Student numbers drop at Magee despite countless commitments to expand
Universities investigate sexual harassment and assault complaints
Number of Leaving Cert students who secured top grades soars by 1,600%
TU Dublin had 445 cases of alleged cheating in online exams during pandemic
UCD academic ‘heartened, in a strange way’ by further sexual harassment complaints at college
University of Limerick cites security concerns in refusal to disclose spending on garda patrols
UCD score second-worst University on Integrity Index 2021
Public sector bodies urged to be more transparent
DkIT pay out almost €190,000 in rates on Ice Dome since buying the vacant building in 2014
Irish universities spend €5.1m on mental health services during pandemic
Trinity has €2.5m invested in armaments industry