Ireland punches above its weight for innovation and third-level education

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Ireland“Ireland is punching far above its weight when it comes to innovation and third-level education, outperforming the EU average, according to the European Commission’s latest findings. Innovation is broadly defined as developing new methods, ideas, and products to advance civilisation. Examples include researching and developing products all the way to market in fields such as medical devices, an industry in which Ireland has become a global player …” (more)

[Pádraig Hoare, Irish Examiner, 22 June]

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An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar joins Ministers to launch €300 million Human Capital Initiative and Future Jobs Ireland Skills and Talent Pillar

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Ireland“An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar TD today (Thursday 7th November) joined Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh TD, Minister for Business, Enterprise, and Innovation Heather Humphreys TD, Minister of State for Higher Education Mary Mitchell O’Connor TD, and Minister of State for Training, Skills, Innovation, Research and Development John Halligan TD. to launch the €300 million Human Capital Initiative and the Skills and Talent pillar of Future Jobs Ireland …” (more)

[Department of Education and Skills, 7 November]

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TCD to teach first course in regional cities

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Ireland“Trinity College Dublin has begun reaching out to the regions by offering its first course that will be taught in Cork, Limerick, and Galway as well as Dublin. The level nine postgraduate certificate in innovation and enterprise development will be marketed to job-seekers and aspiring entrepreneurs …” (more)

[Michael Cogley, Independent, 17 February]

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DCU approves additional €3.75m spend by innovation centres

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Ireland“Dublin City University allocated an extra €3.75 million for the expansion of its innovation centres last year. The university authorised total future capital expenditure of €4.4 million for its DCU Invent DAC subsidiary at the end of last September, compared with just €664,408 a year earlier. The company manages the university’s two innovation centres – DCU Invent and DCU Alpha …” (more)

[Charlie Taylor, Irish Times, 23 August]

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Assessing the Performance of the Regional Innovation Systems in the CBD

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Ireland“During the, past few decades, the regional innovation system (RIS) has provided a major framework for analysing regions’ roles in economic development. There has also been more literature exploring the performance of the RIS over time …” (more)

[Research on Higher Education in Ireland, 9 September]


UCC, Trinity, and UCD on ‘innovative’ university list

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Ireland“Three Irish universities have made it into Reuters’ first-ever ranking of Europe’s top 100 ‘innovative’ universities. Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork, and University College Dublin have made a list of institutes which are ‘doing the most to advance science, invent new technologies, and help drive the global economy’ …” (more)

[Stephen Rogers, Irish Examiner, 15 June]

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Sáez-Martínez, González-Moreno and Hogan, ‘The Role of the university in eco-entrepreneurship: evidence from the eurobarometer survey on attitudes of European entrepreneurs towards eco-innovation’

Posted in Research on January 30th, 2016 by steve

IrelandAbstract: There is an increasing social and political awareness of the importance of sustainable innovations. Strategic partnerships between policy makers, businesses, researchers and citizens are key to developing, implementing and applying eco-innovation, essential for the transition to a competitive green economy. Within this innovation ecosystem, universities can play a central role in creating viable alternative models that are driven by environmental sustainability. Based on evidence from the first survey on Eco-innovation in Europe ‘The Eurobarometer 315 Survey on Attitudes of European Entrepreneurs towards Eco-Innovation’, the present paper examines the impact of university collaboration on eco-innovating small firms. It also considers how technology push, demand side factors and the regulatory framework, drive eco-innovation in European SMEs. This paper has several implications for managers, as well as for policy makers. For managers, it should be stressed that collaboration with universities is essential to drive all types of eco-innovations. Our findings also suggest that national government should foster cooperation with universities following EU example (eg. European Innovation Partnership in EcoAP), as national policies based on subsidies and fiscal incentives appear to be ineffective.

[DORAS, 28 January]

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Universities and National Competitiveness

Posted in Research on October 14th, 2015 by steve

Canada“Ever since von Humboldt sold the Prussian Government on the idea that research universities were a tool with which to increase national power, they’ve been publicly funded to pursue precisely those ends. The definition of ‘national power’, and the role universities are asked to play in developing it, has of course varied over time and by region …” (more)

[Alex Usher, HESA, 14 October]

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Climbing the international innovation rankings

Posted in Research on September 28th, 2015 by steve

Ireland“While Ireland may have had some mixed results in the latest international university rankings the country overall is doing very well indeed when it comes to innovation and research ratings …” (more)

[Bary McCall, Irish Times, 28 September]

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Funding science and engineering

Posted in Research on August 11th, 2015 by steve

Ireland“Sir, – Prof John Kelly, a former senior member of the UCD faculty of engineering, wrote (August 6th) that the Government should emphasise research in applied science more than basic science …” (more)

[David McConnell, Irish Times, 11 August]

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Innovative Culture in Ireland’s Higher Education Institutions: An Assessment

Posted in Research on May 13th, 2015 by steve

Ireland“In this blog, I provide a summary of the working paper we have done on assessing the innovativeness of organisational culture in Ireland’s higher education institutions (HEIs). The full paper is available at SSRN …” (more)

[Research on Higher Education in Ireland, 13 May]


‘Innovative Culture in Ireland’s Higher Education Institutions: An Assessment’

Posted in Research on May 12th, 2015 by steve

The role of universities has expanded to include being a driver of innovation. We suggest that any such body so charged is perhaps best suited to achieve this if it itself is innovative. We review the literature on corporate innovation, discuss a recent metric of innovative culture and present the results of a large scale survey on innovative cultures within the higher education sector in Ireland. It is found that there is a divide between the university and institutes of technology sector, with organisational cultures in universities being perceived to be much more innovative than those in institutes, despite these latter being designed to be closer to industry. We also find that STEM faculty members see cultures as less innovative than others. These findings raise questions around the implicit and explicit thrusts of Irish higher education policy.

Zhang, Qiantao and Larkin, Charles James and Lucey, Brian M, Innovative Culture in Ireland’s Higher Education Institutions: An Assessment (SSRN, 8 May 2015).

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The intrinsic value of our universities must be preserved

Posted in Research on April 23rd, 2015 by steve

Ireland“There is more going on in our universities than you might think. Today’s academics are teachers, mentors, scholars, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and advisers. Contrary to the common misconception, their work does not end when the undergraduate students are off for the summer …” (more)

[Orla Feely, Irish Times, 23 April]

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Should Ireland copy Singapore’s scientific research investment plan?

Posted in Research on March 2nd, 2015 by steve

Ireland“The city state of Singapore is among the top countries in several global rankings: for ease of doing business, global competitiveness, global information technology, global financial centres and Asia’s most innovative economy, and an Irish Times report today suggests that Ireland should copy its scientific research investment plan …” (more)

[Michael Hennigan, Finfacts, 2 March]

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Consultation Paper For Successor to Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation

Posted in Governance and administration on February 17th, 2015 by steve

Ireland“The Higher Education Authority (HEA) strongly welcomes the announcement of plans for a successor strategy to the Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation 2006-2013 …” (more)

[Higher Education Authority, 17 February]

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Bean warns universities over digital ‘irrelevance’

Posted in Governance and administration on November 8th, 2014 by steve

UK“Universities in the UK risk becoming irrelevant and would be acting irresponsibly if they fail to embrace new education technologies, the vice-chancellor of the Open University has said …” (more)

[Chris Parr, Times Higher Education, 8 November]

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DCU president: Ireland is primed to catch the next industrial revolution

Posted in Research on September 5th, 2014 by steve

“Ireland is at the intersection of a new industrial future that combines the maker movement, the internet of things and devices like the Quark chip and Galileo board which were designed here, DCU president Brian MacCraith said …” (more)

[John Kennedy, Silicon Republic, 5 September]

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New innovation strategy required says IFUT

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“New innovation strategy required to preserve teaching standards, assist graduate employment and promote economic recovery, says IFUT. The Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT) has called for implementation of a five point strategy to develop third-level education …” (more)

[Irish Federation of University Teachers, 31 August]

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Disruptive Innovation and Irish Universities post-Lepore

Posted in Research on July 13th, 2014 by steve

“History and business are rarely taught or even studied together. That’s a pity. Economic history, as subject, has disappeared down the memory hole. What is more worrying perhaps is that the methods of historical analysis, careful source text reinterpretations, critical data analysis and a cool analysis, are not often applied to business …” (more)

[Brian M Lucey, 13 July]

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Why the rush to replace Universities with Innoversities …?

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“Ireland, or at least the government, is in the grip of a frenzy around entrepreneurship. From local government, through the higher education system, to the highest in the land, hardly a day goes by without some new band jumping on the wagon …” (more)

[Brian M Lucey, 12 July]

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