Archbishops laments ‘commodification’ of university education

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Ireland“The ‘commodification’ of third level education has been criticised by Catholic Archbishop of Dublin Dermot Farrell. Under ‘pressure to be relevant, universities sometimes lose sight of what led to their foundation and of what their authentic mission consists’, he said …” (more)

[Patsy McGarry, Irish Times, 26 April]

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Schools Will Compete With Each Other, But the Provost Must Lift All Boats

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IrelandThe University Times this week reported that Dean of the Trinity Business School Andrew Burke emailed members of the school on the day of the Provost elections saying that if Prof Linda Hogan was not elected, the Business School’s gains over the past few years could be at risk. It is, of course, unsurprising that schools will compete for attention – there is a scarcity of it in Trinity and each provostial candidate offers different prospects to different schools …” (more)

[University Times, 18 April]

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Professor Linda Doyle: ‘There are great things about being in academia. It’s a huge privilege’

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Ireland“Roll back the clock to the summer of 1989. Linda Doyle has arrived in Dublin and makes her way to Trinity College. She wants to check out the prospect of doing a post graduate degree in the university …” (more)

[Michael Clifford, Irish Examiner, 16 April]

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Doyle: Trinity is ‘looking at rapid testing’ to get students back on campus by September

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Ireland“In an interview with Bryan Dobson on RTÉ Radio 1 this afternoon, Provost Elect Professor Linda Doyle said that there is more that universities can do to get students back on campus, including rapid testing. ‘There’ll be students now who have had two academic years disrupted’, she said. She continued saying that Trinity is ‘looking at rapid testing’ …” (more)

[Kate Henshaw, Trinity News, 12 April]

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Provost’s priorities for Trinity

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Ireland“Sir, – I congratulate Prof Linda Doyle on her election as provost of Trinity College Dublin (‘Trinity College Dublin names Linda Doyle as first woman provost in 429 years’, News, April 10th). During the campaign, Prof Doyle made several key commitments to early-career academics, particularly precariously employed adjunct staff. At the Irish Federation of University Teachers hustings she promised to ensure they were paid for every hour worked in class preparation and marking time, and to consult with unions in determining a fair hourly rate …” (more)

[Niall Kennedy, Irish Times, 12 April]

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Trinity College Dublin names Prof Linda Doyle as first female Provost

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Ireland“Trinity College Dublin has named Professor Linda Doyle as the first female Provost in its 429-year history. The Professor of Engineering and The Arts and former Dean of Research was one of three female candidates for the ten-year position …” (more)

[Laura Fletcher, RTÉ News, 10 April]

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Professor Linda Doyle set to become Trinity’s first female Provost

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Ireland“Professor Linda Doyle is set to become Provost of Trinity College Dublin, the first woman to ever hold this role in the University’s 429-year history. She will be the 45th Provost of the University and take over from the current Provost, Dr Patrick Prendergast, on August 1st this year. Linda Doyle is Professor of Engineering and the Arts at Trinity and became the Provost-elect today after an election involving staff and student representatives …” (more)

[Trinity College, 10 April]

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‘Women-only’ posts not the answer to gender imbalance – TCD academic

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Ireland“A senior Trinity College Dublin academic has said she is not sure if the creation of ‘women-only’ professorships in third level institutions is the way to improve gender balance in the education system. Prof Linda Doyle, dean of research at the university, said that from a feminist perspective there was a need to do something for women to ensure a greater number of them fill senior academic posts …” (more)

[Kevin O’Sullivan, Irish Times, 12 November]

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