Classes May Move Online Temporarily if Cases Rise

Posted in Teaching on January 13th, 2022 by steve

Ireland“Classes may move online intermittently this semester if case numbers among staff and students rise. At a meeting today, Trinity’s Continuation of Learning and Student Activities Group (COLSAG) discussed a contingency plan for the upcoming semester …” (more)

[Mairead Maguire, University Times, 12 January]

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Queen’s University students to return to remote learning

Posted in Teaching on December 21st, 2021 by steve

“Students at Queen’s University will be returning to remote learning when the new term begins after Christmas, the university has said. Over 25,000 students and members of staff were contacted on Monday to inform them of the decision with the university saying it has taken clinical advice before making the arrangement …” (more)

[Mark Bain, Belfast Telegraph, 20 December]

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End of Term Blog

Posted in Teaching on December 18th, 2021 by steve

Ireland“Yesterday was the last day of teaching at Maynooth University for 2021 and, although I didn’t have any teaching to do, I went into the Department partly to get a bit of fresh air having been stuck at home on Thursday after my booster jab, and partly to collect a few things before the break …” (more)

[In the Dark, 18 December]

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Last Week Ahead

Posted in Teaching on December 12th, 2021 by steve

Ireland“We’re approaching the end of term here at Maynooth University; the forthcoming week is the last week of teaching, after which we have the luxury of a full week without lectures or tutorials before Christmas itself. Apart from eating and drinking I think I’ll spend most of the holiday sleeping …” (more)

[In the Dark, 12 December]

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No Booster in Sight …

Posted in Teaching on December 3rd, 2021 by steve

Ireland“Data from the last few days provide just a hint that the recent increase in Covid-19 infection in Ireland may be slowing down. Even if this is the case, though, the level of Coronavirus in circulation is very high, much higher than it was this time last year ahead of the Christmas surge and this year there’s the apparently much more transmissible omicron variant to throw into the mix …” (more)

[In the Dark, 2 December]

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TCDSU to Create Hybrid-Learning Policy with Postgrads and IFUT

Posted in Legal issues, Teaching on December 1st, 2021 by steve

Ireland“Trinity College Dublin Students’ Union (TCDSU) council has voted to work with postgraduate students and the Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT) to create a policy which would require all lectures to be recorded. The motion will mandate the three groups to ‘find a solution for handing over copyright of recorded lectures to lecturers’ … (more)

[Mairead Maguire, University Times, 30 November]

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Trinity defends using year-old pre-recorded lectures for some classes this year

Posted in Teaching on October 20th, 2021 by steve

Ireland“Trinity College Dublin has defended its use of year-old pre-recorded lectures for students in some courses as an alternative to face-to-face teaching. Some courses at the university were found to have uploaded one-year-old lectures to the platform Blackboard …” (more)

[Jade Wilson, Irish Times, 19 October]

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In-Person Lectures – Trinity College

Posted in Teaching on September 24th, 2021 by steve

IrelandJim O’Callaghan (Dublin Bay South, Fianna Fail): To ask the Minister for Education and Skills the steps he will take to ensure that in-person lectures at a university (details supplied) recommence in alignment with other third-level institutions …” (more)

[Dáil written answers, 22 September]

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Trinity students say university ‘broke promises’ about in-person teaching

Posted in Teaching on September 14th, 2021 by steve

Ireland“Trinity College students have expressed discontent with the university’s approach to on-campus learning so far this year. The university confirmed that all lectures with over 150 students will be online until at least November 1 …” (more)

[Emma Nevin,, 14 September]

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Teaching Staff Re-using Lecture Recordings From Last Year

Posted in Teaching on September 14th, 2021 by steve

Ireland“Lecturers from at least five schools are reusing lecture videos recorded last year for classes this term. Screenshots of lecture recordings for various modules in English, chemical sciences, engineering, European studies and biological sciences, seen by The University Times, indicate that the videos were recorded in 2020 …” (more)

[Jody Druce, University Times, 13 September]

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Posted in Teaching on September 11th, 2021 by steve

Ireland“I spent most of today in various virtual meetings to do with next Semester’s teaching which is due to start on September 20th for returning students (and a week letter for first-years). I’ve also been keeping an eye on the student record system, as the returning students have started to register …” (more)

[In the Dark, 10 September]

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Online learning is not the enemy

Posted in Teaching on August 18th, 2021 by steve

“Claire Taylor and Stefanie Hartley argue that it’s not online learning that is the enemy, but a narrow view of learner diversity and learning needs. There continues to be disquiet expressed in the press over just what the student experience will look and feel like as we head into a new academic year …” (more)

[Wonkhe, 18 August]

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Limits on college lecture numbers will see blended learning continue

Posted in Governance and administration on July 22nd, 2021 by steve

Ireland“Limits on the number of people attending college lectures will mean some blended learning will continue into the next academic year, Simon Harris said. The Minister for Higher Education vowed that every student will be on campus when college resumes but said there will be moderation in some class numbers …” (more)

[Cate McCurry, Irish Examiner, 22 July]

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Colleges get green light to reopen with large-scale lectures to resume from September

Posted in Governance and administration, Teaching on June 15th, 2021 by steve

Ireland“Large-scale lectures are set to resume as the Government gives the green light for the reopening of college campuses in September. After more than a year of online learning, all students in higher and further education will be back on site in the autumn. Chief medical officer Tony Holohan has told Minister Simon Harris that colleges can prepare for the resumption of maximum attendances, including large-scale lectures …” (more)

[Katherine Donnelly, Independent, 15 June]

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Third-level plans for return to teaching

Posted in Teaching on June 1st, 2021 by steve

IrelandDublin City University: What they use: A range of digital tools and platforms as part of Loop, with Moodle at the core. Zoom for live teaching, Mahara for eportfolios and Unicam to support video and rich media learning …” (more)

[Peter McGuire, Irish Times, 1 June]

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What should universities keep after Covid?

Posted in Teaching on May 7th, 2021 by steve

Ireland“On the last day of teaching for this academic year, with reasonably encouraging signs of some form of reopening of campus education being possible in September, it will shortly be time to think about how we proceed next academic year. It seems obvious to me that although university staff have worked very hard over the last year the Covid-19 restrictions have meant that we have not been able to provide the level of education we would have liked and most of us are longing to get back to some form of face-to-face teaching …” (more)

[In the Dark, 7 May]

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Policing online cheating is adding to workload, lecturers say

Posted in Teaching on April 6th, 2021 by steve

Ireland“Lecturing staff in third-level educational institutions have experienced a significant increase in workload following the move to remote teaching during the pandemic, the Teachers’ Union of Ireland (TUI) has said. Survey findings released by the union ahead of its annual conference next week found 92 per cent of lecturers saying they were spending more time preparing and providing remote classes and carrying out associated work than they would have spent on face-to-face delivery …” (more)

[Martin Wall, Irish Times, 2 April]

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A Year of Closure

Posted in Life, Teaching on March 13th, 2021 by steve

Ireland“Today is 12th March 2021, which means it is exactly one year since Maynooth University campus closed because of Covid-19. Last year 12th March was on a Thursday and I remember doing my Computational Physics lecture in the morning and a computer lab in the afternoon and then heard we couldn’t go back to teaching the following day …” (more)

[In the Dark, 12 March]

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What’s the equivalent of blended learning for service delivery?

Posted in Teaching on February 17th, 2021 by steve

“The way the sector has responded to Covid has illustrated new possible ways of working. But, asks Julie Walkling, what happens when the old ways can return alongside? …” (more)

[Wonkhe, 17 February]


Universities need to wise up – or risk being consigned to history

Posted in Fees, access and admissions, Governance and administration, Teaching on February 14th, 2021 by steve

“The thing about pandemics, observed the historian Yuval Noah Harari, is that they tend to accelerate history. A couple of years ago, appalled by the environmental, financial and working-time costs of running research conferences, I wondered aloud how long it would take for many of these events to be conducted online – and gloomily predicted that it would take another decade …” (more)

[John Naughton, Guardian, 13 February]

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