‘Overqualified’ Irish workers beat EU’s third-level study targets

Posted in Governance and administration on May 1st, 2018 by steve

“Ireland has already significantly exceeded an EU target for 40% of people between the ages of 30-34 to be educated to degree level. One of Europe 2020 strategy’s targets is that at least 40% of 30-34-year-olds in the bloc should have completed tertiary education by 2020. Last year more than half of Irish 30- to 34-year-olds were found to have completed third-level education …” (more)

[Ellie Donnelly, Independent, 1 May]

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Almost half of workforce feel that they are ‘too good’ for their job

Posted in Life on December 5th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“Almost half of workers think they are too good for their jobs, according to a report to be published today. New research by the Economic and Social Research Institute (Esri) showed that 46pc of employees believed they were overqualified …” (more)

[Anne-Marie Walsh, Independent, 5 December]

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Apprenticeships, NEETS and over-qualified graduates

Posted in Governance and administration on October 3rd, 2017 by steve

Ireland“In 2016 it could reasonably be said that Ireland had a very well educated population (see below). Over 50% of our 25-34 year-olds have a third level qualification which is high by international standards but not extraordinarily so …” (more)

[educationandstuff, 3 October]

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Overeducation claims are one more attack on young people

Posted in Research on October 2nd, 2017 by steve

Ireland“First they take the jobs. Then they take the housing. And now they target college education? The recent headline ‘Irish workers are the most overqualified in Europe’ should be treated with caution. If not, the Economic and Social Research Institution (ESRI) study to which it refers could become inadvertently the basis for another attack on the quality of life of young people …” (more)

[Colum Kenny, Irish Times, 2 October]

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Can you really be over-qualified? via @IrishTimes

Posted in Governance and administration on September 27th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“According Carl O’Brien, writing in last Friday’s Irish Times, Irish workers are most ‘overqualified’ in Europe. This is based on ‘research carried out by the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) between 2000 and 2011’. About 60% of our school leavers progress onto third level education, and this is projected to rise to about 70% over the next decade …” (more)

[Careful With That Axe, Eugene, 27 September]

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‘Overqualified’ graduates

Posted in Governance and administration on September 26th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“Sir, – Two thoughts sprang to mind when I read the article on the ‘fact’ that large numbers of our graduates are ‘overqualified’ for their jobs (News, September 22nd). The first is the obvious one that education is for life, not just the workplace …” (more)

[Letters, Irish Times, 26 Septmeber]

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Qualifications and the future of work

Posted in Governance and administration, Teaching on September 25th, 2017 by steve

Ireland“Sir, – Further to the article ‘Irish workers most “overqualified” in Europe’ (News, September 22nd), those concerned about the future of work recognise that the rate of technological progress is exponential. As a result, we are already in an era when jobs and entire industries are being transformed …” (more)

[Ned Costello, Irish Times, 25 Septmeber]

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Overqualified and under-employed – our young people face an uphill battle

Posted in Governance and administration on April 2nd, 2015 by steve

Ireland“Are you one of the many Irish workers who are overeducated for their jobs? One in three of us is, according to new research. Maybe your first in philosophy led to a first-class position cleaning cars, or your master’s in Anglo-Irish literature landed a day job in sorting fish. If so, you’re not alone …” (more)

[Mary Feely, Irish Times, 1 April]

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