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Minister Howlin welcomes High Court decision to refuse an application for an injunction over the awarding of a contract for the Grangegorman DIT campus
Minister Howlin publishes Bill to give effect to the provisions of the Lansdowne Road Agreement
Minister Howlin announces reforms to Ireland’s Public Sector Standards Regime
Public sector talks continue on key reforms sought by Government
Face-to-face negotiations on public pay begin
Ruairi Quinn: Deal to equalise payscale ‘in near future’
Ruairi Quinn: Controversial pay cuts for young teachers to be reversed
The Higher Education and Research Bill 2014 – 2. The third level sector and government
Union warns of further action in Tyndall dispute
Staff to picket Tyndall in pay dispute
Staff to picket UCC’s Tyndall Institute tomorrow over pay dispute
Killing Freedom of Information in Ireland
Change one thing: Create a decent grant system to give Ireland’s third-level students a chance
The budget puzzle: how many cuts to education, and how big?
Teachers not able to switch union as strike action looms
The ball is in your court, Quinn tells teachers’ union
Cost of public sector sick leave falls 10%
‘Greying’ public sector needs new recruits, unions warn
Third Level Funding – Grant Reduction
Labour Relations Commission may seek more time to resolve Croke Park row