NUIG Postgraduate Students Strike Against Unpaid Teaching Hours

Posted in Governance and administration on September 23rd, 2020 by steve

Ireland“Postgraduate students at NUI Galway (NUIG) are refusing to carry out the university’s required 120 hours of unpaid teaching, with the Postgraduate Workers Alliance NUIG describing it as ‘exploitative and unjust’ …” (more)

[Molly Furey, University Times, 23 September]

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NUIG Students’ Union calls on local TDs to take meaningful action on student fees

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Ireland“NUI Galway Students’ Union has joined USI and NUS-USI in the launch of the Education for All campaign which is calling for immediate action on Higher Education funding. The organisation that represents 374,000 students across the island of Ireland has written an open letter to Minister Simon Harris asking him to take action on a number of key areas …” (more)

[Michael Malone, Galway Daily, 21 September]

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Students across island of Ireland urge TDs to sign pledge and join USI’s new Education for All campaign

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Ireland“Students across the island of Ireland have today kicked-off a series of actions aimed at urging their TDs to sign a pledge committing to six actions as part of the Union of Students in Ireland’s new Education for All campaign. The USI, which represents 374,000 students in Ireland, has written to the Minister for Further and Higher Education, Innovation and Science, Simon Harris calling on him to take action on the key issues that prevent many from accessing third level education …” (more)

[USI, 21 September]

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UCD Charging Full Registration Fees to Have a ‘Definite Negative Impact’ on Students, says SU President

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Ireland“Last week it was confirmed that third-level institutions will be permitted to charge students full registration fees for the coming year despite widespread restrictions on on-campus learning and facilities. The decision by University College Dublin (UCD) to charge students €3,000 or more for ‘blended learning’ has provoked criticism from UCD Student’s Union (UCDSU) President and Welfare Officer …” (more)

[Gemma Farrell, College Tribune, 10 September]

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‘All of the costs, fewer benefits’ – Student Unions’ outrage over high third level fees despite COVID

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Ireland“Student unions across Ireland have expressed their outrage as universities and colleges intend to keep registration fees high despite the impact of COVID-19 on third level education …” (more)

[Ali Condon,, 6 September]

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Dutch university protests, start of another year …

Posted in Governance and administration on September 5th, 2020 by steve

“Last Monday was the opening of the academic year at Dutch Universities. Over the last three years, it has become a tradition for the activist group WOinActie to organise some sort of protest. This year, there was the challenge of how to organise a protest given COVID, but a solution was found …” (more)

[Ingrid Robeyns, Crooked Timber, 5 September]

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Students call for reduced remote learning fees as colleges set to charge full €3k

Posted in Fees, access and admissions on August 31st, 2020 by steve

Ireland“The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has called for an immediate €500 reduction of student college fees with many classes set to take place remotely. It comes as yesterday Education Minister Norma Foley said third-level colleges will be able to charge their students the full €3,000 in contribution fees, even if they severely restrict access to campus and force them to stay at home …” (more)

[, 31 August]

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Students plan protest over Northern Ireland A-Level exams debacle

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“Students are planning a protest at Stormont this week with the Northern Ireland Assembly set to be recalled over the A-level results fiasco. DUP Education Minister Peter Weir has come under increasing pressure as anger grows about almost 11,000 grades being slashed by a computer algorithm after exams were cancelled due to Covid-19 …” (more)

[Peter Moor, Belfast Telegraph, 16 August]

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Two activists arrested in climate protest at Trinity

Posted in Governance and administration on August 16th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“Two climate change activists from System Change Ireland were arrested yesterday afternoon following a protest action at Trinity as part of the group’s ‘Mobilise Peace TCD’ campaign. A student and former Trinity teacher were arrested yesterday, following a protest of ‘civil disobedience’ outside of College. They were both members of the climate activist group System Change Ireland …” (more)

[Shannon Connolly, Trinity News, 15 August]

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ASTI seeks agreement on pay as State plans to hire 1,000 teachers

Posted in Governance and administration on August 4th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“One of the country’s largest teaching unions has warned that plans to hire more than 1,000 extra teachers for secondary schools will not be achieved unless the issue of pay parity within the profession is addressed. The Association of Secondary Teachers of Ireland has called on the Government to commit to the restoration of equal pay for individuals who had taken up teaching posts after 2010 if it was serious about recruiting and retaining 1,080 additional secondary teachers …” (more)

[Seán McCárthaigh, Irish Times, 3 August]

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Students’ society slams NUI Galway for rise in college creche fees

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Ireland“A students’ society at NUI Galway has criticised the university for raising the weekly fees at the college créche. NUIG Life Society claims fees have increased from €174 to €220 per week …” (more)

[Galway Bay FM, 30 July]

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Father’s fury over rent for off campus University village

Posted in Fees, access and admissions, Governance and administration on July 20th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“The father of a Limerick student has described as ‘morally wrong’ the refusal of a student village to refund rent which was paid for accommodation that his son had to subsequently leave due to the Covid-19 pandemic …” (more)

[Aine Fitzgerald, Limerick Leader, 19 July]

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Galway TDs Call for Review of NUIG Repeat Exam Fees

Posted in Fees, access and admissions on July 14th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“Galway TDs have called for NUI Galway (NUIG) to review its €295 repeat exam fee, in light of the complications that the coronavirus caused for students sitting exams this year. The university has come under fire from NUI Galway Students’ Union (NUIGSU) over the exam fee, which NUIGSU said should be waived this year …” (more)

[Cormac Watson, University Times, 14 July]

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NUIG Students’ Union calls for repeat exam fees to be scrapped

Posted in Fees, access and admissions on July 11th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“NUI Galway’s Students’ Union has condemned the university’s decision to charge a fee for students who are sitting an online repeat exam this year. Students who do not pass an exam when they first sit them in May have the option to sit a repeat exam in August, for which a fee of €295 is charged …” (more)

[Briain Kelly, Galway Daily, 10 July]

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Parents ‘furious’ over University of Limerick’s plans for new academic semester

Posted in Governance and administration on July 8th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“Parents of students at the University of Limerick have expressed outrage over plans for the new academic semester. Students were informed this Wednesday of the details of the university’s Academic Calendar Model for Autumn 2020 which is based on a ‘blended learning approach’ in light of the Covid-19 pandemic …” (more)

[Aine Fitzgerald, Limerick Leader, 8 July]

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No Sign of Fee Reductions for an Upcoming Year of Blended Learning

Posted in Fees, access and admissions on July 2nd, 2020 by steve

Ireland“Several Irish universities, including University College Dublin (UCD), have ruled out fee reductions for students this Autumn semester despite fundamental changes in how courses will be delivered as a result of COVID-19 disruptions …” (more)

[Rowan Kelleher, College Tribune, 2 July]

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UCC student rent rises still on the table

Posted in Fees, access and admissions, Governance and administration on June 25th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“Planned rent increases remain on the cards at University College Cork (UCC), with students continuing to ask the university to consider reversing its stance on the matter. In February, students pitched tents on the UCC quad and vowed to stay put until the university backed down on the planned 3% hike in campus accommodation rates …” (more)

[Jess Casey, Irish Examiner, 25 June]

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UCC Student’s Union Waiting For Response On Plans For A Rent Hike At College Owned Accommodation Centres

Posted in Governance and administration on June 23rd, 2020 by steve

Ireland“UCC are planning a 3% rent increase. UCC owns and operates five centres and 1,300 student beds and announced the plan in February …” (more)

[Red FM, 22 June]

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Magazine Road residents protest at landlord’s house over student parties

Posted in Governance and administration on June 20th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“Residents pleading for a crackdown on house parties in rented property around Cork’s university precinct have taken their campaign directly to the door of a landlord. Members of the Magazine Road and Surrounding Areas residents association staged a silent and peaceful protest yesterday …” (more)

[Eoin English, Irish Examiner, 20 June]

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End Of The Line For Student Fee Compensation Movement

Posted in Fees, access and admissions on June 6th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“Conor Anderson, incoming University College Dublin (UCD) Students’ Union president, informed students that the university is not set to be compensating fees due to Covid-19 crisis. In a post to the Facebook group ‘Students for Fees Compensation’, Anderson outlines the response he received from his meeting with UCD Registrar and Deputy President, Mark Rogers …” (more)

[Savannah Murray, College Tribune, 5 June]

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