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HEA Statistics Newsletter Quarter 2 2022
Student dropout rates climb across several universities amid concern over low engagement
Third level and dropping out
‘Motivation matters: predicting students’ career decidedness and intention to drop out after the first year in higher education’
Drop-out rates in some third-level STEM courses hitting 80%
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Students are sticking with college during the pandemic
‘Not Fit for Purpose’ – Minister Harris on Current 3rd Level System
UK universities predict record student dropout rate
Covid-19: ‘Open the gates’ approach to third level was dismissed over drop-out fears
Leaving Cert and drop-out rates
Pressure on students
Arts students represent over half of all course leavers in UCD
Snobbery lies at the heart of our education and training system
Lessons from college drop-out rates
Career guidance in schools and third-level dropout rates
New Data from the Higher Education Authority
THEA Reaction to HEA Analysis of Completion Rates in Irish Higher Education
Four in Every Five Irish Students Complete their Degree
Some third-level computing courses have 80% drop-out rate