Innovation Talk: Scientific advice must not be bonded to vested interests

Posted in Research on July 28th, 2015 by steve

Ireland“Scientists are sticklers for evidence. They start with a theory, an assumption about why something is so, but then like to conduct experiments to collect evidence that helps explain what is going on. It is not enough to make an educated guess in science, you can’t assume it is a duck because it quacks and walks like one, you need evidence to show that yes it really is a duck …” (more)

[Dick Ahlstrom, Irish Times, 27 July]


FOI reveals new information about CSA role

Posted in Governance and administration on February 19th, 2013 by steve

“The role of the Chief Scientific Adviser has no mention of science policy and is potentially under-resourced as revealed by Freedom of Information documents accessed by ScienceCalling …” (more)

[Maria Delaney, Science Calling!, 19 February]

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An Embarrassing Rant by the Minister for Research and Innovation

Posted in Research on February 19th, 2013 by steve

“Over the last few days, we have had the opportunity to hear Minister Sherlock’s interview on Science Calling (before the audio files were subsequently removed). In a petty tone, Sherlock delivered condescending answers to interviewer, Maria Delaney …” (more)

[Paul A Higgins, Love Irish Science, 19 February]

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Sherlock: CSA is a non-issue

Posted in Governance and administration on February 18th, 2013 by steve

“Minister Séan Sherlock said there wasn’t a huge backlash over the abolition of the Office of the Chief Scientific Adviser and added ‘it’s a non-issue’ in an interview with Science Calling …” (more)

[Maria Delaney, Science Calling!, 18 February]

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Innovation, a failed enterprise policy and inconvenient facts for 2013

Posted in Research on December 20th, 2012 by steve

“2013 is close at hand and it’s hardly a ‘man bites dog’ story that the 2006 flagship enterprise policy target to be recognised as a ‘world class knowledge economy’ by next year has been already buried …” (more)

[Michael Hennigan, Finfacts, 20 December]

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Love lost for science policy

Posted in Research on November 29th, 2012 by steve

“In the last year, there has been a major shift in the government’s policy for supporting scientific research. Formerly, the emphasis was on research excellence in any field. Now the priority is for research to have commercial applications and to partner with industry …” (more)

[Paul Higgins & Neal O’Riain, Science Calling!, 29 November]

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New series on Irish science policy

Posted in Research on November 26th, 2012 by steve

“Introducing Science Calling’s newest series The SciPol Impact which will take an in-depth look at science policy in Ireland with guest posts and interviews every day this week …” (more)

[Maria Delaney, Science Calling!, 26 November]


The Science of Science Policy

Posted in Governance and administration, Research on March 30th, 2011 by steve

“I recently discovered the Science of Science Policy website, affiliated to the United States (US) Office of Science and Technology Policy …” (more)

[Martin Ryan, Geary Behavioural Economics Blog, 30 March]

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Ignorance lays Parliament open to ‘nonsense debates’

Posted in Governance and administration on July 29th, 2010 by steve

“Many MPs do not get involved in science policy because the issues take them ‘seriously outside their comfort zone’, a senior parliamentarian has admitted …” (more)

[Paul Jump, Times Higher Education, 29 July]

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Is there any doubt that investment in graduate education works?

Posted in Teaching on May 27th, 2010 by steve

“… Over recent years many have become aware of the national target of doubling the number of PhD graduates as a key element of the Strategy for Science Technology and Innovation. This was an easy number to express the various national investments in research. PhD students are the backbone of research teams and some will become future research leaders. Recent budget cutbacks do threaten the momentum gained by these national investments …” (more)

[Conor O’Carroll, Irish Times, 27 May]

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CaSE Science Debate

Posted in Governance and administration on January 14th, 2010 by steve

“I watched and listened – last night – to the Science and Engineering Policy Debate between Adam Afriyie (Shadow Science and Innovation Minister), Paul Drayson (the current Minister for Science and Innovation) and Evan Harris (the Liberal Democrat science spokesman) …” (more)

[To the left of centre, 14 January]


‘Ireland needs to engineer itself to be at the crossroads of business and science’

Posted in Governance and administration on January 7th, 2010 by steve

“Dublin’s role as European City of Science in 2012 is a vital opportunity, says Science Minister …” (more)

[John Kennedy, Silicon Republic, 7 January]

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