Assessing level of sexual assaults at college almost impossible

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Ireland“Again, and again, the same issues arise for those who deal with sexual assault allegations involving third-level students: alcohol, a fear of reporting and a lack of understanding about sexual consent. So often do those issues appear that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to discover how bad the problem of sexual assaults now is in Irish third-level colleges …” (more)

[Mark Hilliard, Conor Gallagher and Daniel Comer, Irish Times, 25 September]


Terrible assaults emphasise the need for educational campaigns surrounding consent

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Ireland“Labour spokesperson on Justice, and TD for Cork East, Seán Sherlock has called on Minister Mitchell O’Connor to lay out a timeline for the delivery of promised compulsory consent classes in Irish Universities. This call follows reporting today of three incidents of rape of students in Cork in recent weeks …” (more)

[The Labour Party, 25 September]

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Have you experienced sexual assault at third-level?

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Ireland“As three young female students report being raped in Cork, we want to hear from readers. Three young female students from University College Cork and Cork Institute of Technology have reported being raped in Cork since the start of September …” (more)

[Irish Times, 25 September]

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Consent Conversations Must Respond to Students Who Barely Recognise Sexual Assault

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“A survey on sexual assault was a long time coming in Northern Ireland. With national conversation erupting in the last few years around consent, Queen’s have followed in the footsteps of USI and Trinity respectively, in conducting their own survey to glean insight into the prevalence of sexual assault on campus. The Queen’s survey is unexpectedly pioneering in more ways than one …” (more)

[University Times, 20 August]

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Nearly 50% of Sexual Assault Victims Told No-One About their Experience, Queen’s University Belfast Study Finds

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“A landmark study on non-consensual sexual experiences in Queen’s University Belfast – the first of its kind in Northern Irish higher education – has revealed that nearly 50% of students surveyed stayed quiet about their experience of sexual assault …” (more)

[Philip McGuinness, University Times, 15 August]

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UCD Must Take Responsibility for Tackling Sexual Harassment on Campus

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Ireland“The rise in the number of students reporting incidents of sexual assault and harassment to UCD campus services shows the the college can no longer shirk their responsibility to victims. It’s not disputed that any victim of a sexual assault or incidents of harassment should first contact the authorities such as the Gardaí, or the Rape Crisis Centre. But this does not absolve UCD of taking responsibility for tackling the issue in the college community …” (more)

[College Tribune, 28 March]

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5 Sexual Assaults and 11 Harassment Cases Reported by Students to UCD Campus Services Since 2014

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Ireland“Five sexual assaults were reported to UCD campus security between 2014 and 2016. Eleven students have also reported instances of harassment to campus services since 2014. An internal campus services report into student’s personal safety on campus, obtained by the Tribune, show a marked rise in reports of sexual assault and harassment on campus …” (more)

[College Tribune, 28 March]

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Lack of Information and Emphasis Highlight UCD’s Problematic Approach to Sexual Assault on Campus

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Ireland“Several high profile incidents internationally and on campus have seen UCD’s policy and approach to sexual assault and harassment on campus come under question. Do students know how to report an incident with the university if they want to, or do the college need to make it clearer? Should the college take a proactive stance on tackling sexual assault or ‘rape culture’ on campus? …” (more)

[College Tribune, 2 March]

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Sexual consent: ‘They grab your arse or boobs and think it’s ok’

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IrelandThe Women’s Podcast: Kathleen Harris talks to students and experts about sexual consent workshops in Irish universities. ‘It’s actually worrying how common it is going out and getting touched’, says a female 20-year-old Irish student who wishes to remain anonymous …” (more)

[Irish Times, 10 October]

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‘I feel like I have zero protection on campus’ – Alleged rape victim slams response of Irish universities to sexual assault cases

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Ireland“A third-level student has come forward to criticise the response of Irish universities in sexual assault and rape cases. The university student, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims that she was raped by a former student and that the college’s response has been ‘very bad’ …” (more)

[Clare Cullen, Independent, 13 February]

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The Fire Talk Analogy Misleads in Talks About Consent

Posted in Teaching on February 4th, 2016 by steve

Ireland“The recent move to introduce mandatory consent classes for first years living in Trinity Hall has been hailed as a triumphant step forward in the war against rape and sexual violence. Advocates have pointed to the worryingly high numbers of students – 25% and 5% of males – reporting that they have had a non-consensual sexual encounter …” (more)

[James Behan, University Times, 3 February]

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