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AG asks Supreme Court to suspend entitlement of UL graduate to vote in Seanad elections until 2027
Seanad elections set to change after Supreme Court ruling
Minister loses appeal over calculated grades for home-schooled students
Students have right to be educated at home, Supreme Court told
Supreme Court to hear Minister’s appeal over homeschooled students’ calculated grades
Supreme Court orders rehearing of UCC and ESB litigation over Cork flooding
ESB urges court to find UCC has some liability for flood damage to buildings
UCC and Cork residents welcome Supreme Court ruling on 2009 floods
Supreme Court finds ESB was negligent concerning flood damage at UCC campus
Supreme Court to hear appeal by UCC over flooding at campus in 2009
UCC insurer considers appeal against flood damage ruling
UCC faces multi-million legal costs over failed court case
Cases of non-EEA students who wish to remain in Ireland to be heard
Accountancy exam paper dispute referred to EU court