Book Review: ‘Accelerating Academia: The Changing Structure of Academic Time’ by Filip Vostal

Posted in Life on August 28th, 2017 by steve

“Academics are reeling under authoritarian management, marketisation and audits. A rewarding occupation is situated in an institutional context that’s not so benign. Speed is a key pressure in a profession where deliberation and a measured pace are especially important. Filip Vostal asks questions about this scenario. His Accelerating Academia: The Changing Structure of Academic Time is an opportune intervention on a pressing issue, assessing the literature and making his own empirical contribution …” (more)

[Impact of Social Sciences, 27 August]


The In-Between Times

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USA“The average day of a teacher-scholar without administrative responsibilities is largely unstructured. With the exceptions of teaching times, office hours, and a slate of irregular meetings, how and when a faculty member works is largely left up to the individual …” (more)

[Nate Kreuter, insidehighered, 10 December]

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Technology just makes us all busier

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“There was great excitement the year I started lecturing in the philosophy department. Not, sadly, about me, but because we had obtained, for the first time, a usable computer in the department. It was placed in an attic room …” (more)

[Jonathan Wolff, Guardian, 7 November]

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Time is Our Most Precious Resource

Posted in Research on March 24th, 2011 by steve

“One of the things I have found most energising over the past weeks and months of discussion have been the conversations with colleagues about their research: how they approach research, their passion to discover new things, their willingness to communicate their research to others, their capacity to infuse their teaching with their own research; how their research connects with all of the other aspects of their work …” (more)

[Jane Ohlmeyer, 24 March]

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How long …

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“How long your prof thinks it should take to do something vs How long it’ll actually take you to do it …” (more, graphic)

[Times Higher Education, 27 May]

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