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Traveller Education
Funding to support Traveller and Roma learners in higher education and apprenticeships announced by Minister Harris
Extra €35m for ‘truly inclusive’ higher education access plan
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Irish Travellers ‘least likely’ to enter university, says HEPI report
Harris announces €450k funding to assist Traveller and Roma students in higher education
NUI Galway appoints first full-time Traveller Education Officer
€300,000 allocated to colleges to support Travellers in higher education
Minister Harris announces ring-fenced Dormant Accounts funding to support Traveller access to and ability to remain in higher education
Third Level Admissions – Travellers
Government Releases Strategy for Increasing Traveller Participation in Higher Education
40% of Travellers in further education have only completed primary level
Minister Mitchell O’Connor launches new Action Plan to promote Traveller participation in higher education
‘Why are you here?’: CIT graduate says mentorship is key to Traveller students
Just 61 Travellers in Third-Level in 2017, Finds Report
Dearth of Travellers at Third-Level is an Indictment of Universities
Sindy Joyce is first Traveller to graduate with a PhD in Ireland
More Travellers Should Be at Third-Level. But Let’s Not Deify a University Degree
Just 1% of Traveller children go on to higher education
Travellers need ‘ring-fenced funding for third-level’