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Senator critical of NUI Galway over €57m ‘warchest’
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Academics and Unions highlight urgent need for independent NUIG equality review – Ó Clochartaigh
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NUIG Presdent to meet Sinn Féin delegation on equality concerns – Ó Clochartaigh
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Minister for Education washing her hands on NUIG Equality issues – Ó Clochartaigh
O’Sullivan satisfied with NUI Galway’s progress on gender discrimination
University Governance: NUIG Galway and Gender Equality
Some queries are just out of the question. Period.
NUIG criticised for asking job seekers about menstrual cycle
NUI Galway says questionnaire about menstrual cycles did not decide who got jobs
University’s questions on menstrual cycles and breast problems ‘totally out of order’ and ‘misogynistic’ – Senator
NUIG Equality task force flawed from the outset – Ó Clochartaigh
NUIG must uphold employee equality rights – Carthy and Ó Clochartaigh
No, Mary Lou did not avoid a Trinity Sinn Féin event because of a Maíria Cahill protest
After Protest Outside Hamilton Building, Mary Lou McDonald Cancels Visit to Trinity
Third Level Scholarship Schemes