In Getting Students Back On Campus, Money Is All UCD Cares About

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Ireland“It took months into the pandemic for University College Dublin (UCD) to realise that teaching in the autumn cannot go ahead as usual. Only on May 28th, UCD’s President Andrew Deeks communicated to staff a teaching framework, which is largely oblivious of the risks around bringing large groups of people together, especially in older, unventilated rooms at the Belfield campus. And even more, it completely ignores the fears that staff and students have …” (more)

[Thomas Grund, College Tribune, 16 July]

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Students May Attend Class Significantly Less Than UCD Are Promising, say UCD Academics

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Ireland“University College Dublin’s (UCD) plan for undergraduate students to attend between 40 and 60% of their classes in the Autumn Trimester may not reflect the reality for many students, according to numerous academic sources within the university. Speaking confidentially to The College Tribune, one academic said the figure for their School will likely be as much as 30% and as little as zero in-person attendance for certain stages and programmes …” (more)

[College Tribune, 16 July]

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UCD Planning for Reduction in Social Distancing to One Metre in September

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Ireland“University College Dublin (UCD) is now planning for a one metre social distancing measure to be implemented on-campus by September, according to documents seen by The College Tribune. Following adapted guidelines in the hospitality and transport sectors, it is understood that UCD expects a 1m social distancing measure as the ‘most likely scenario’ on campus …” (more)

[Conor Capplis, College Tribune, 15 July]

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Student union accuses UCD of ‘exaggerating’ scope for in-person learning

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Ireland“In a press release today, the University College Dublin’s Students’ Union (UCDSU) have called on University College Dublin (UCD) to be ‘more transparent’ with students about details on how the college plans to open in September. The union have expressed concern that UCD has been ‘over ambitious’ in their proposed amount of time students should expect to be on campus …” (more)

[Shannon Connolly, Trinity News, 15 July]

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UCD students concerned over university’s teaching plans

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Ireland“Students at the country’s largest university have expressed concern that it may be ‘overpromising’ on the amount of face to face, as opposed to online, learning that students will be able to avail of come September. Last week UCD announced plans for between 40% to 60% of face to face teaching for undergraduates, rising to between 75% to 100% for graduate students …” (more)

[RTÉ News, 15 July]

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‘Significant Rise’ in ‘Poor Behaviour’ on UCD Christmas Day, University Reports

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Ireland“A ‘significant rise’ in incidents of ‘poor behaviour’ on campus have been reported in relation to UCD’s yearly ‘Christmas Day’ celebrations, particularly in Student Residences, and towards female faculty members. Minutes of a meeting recently obtained by The College Tribune have revealed incidents of ‘poor behaviour’ in relation to campus residences and female faculty in classrooms were brought forward at a University Management Team (UMT) meeting on 4th December 2019 …” (more)

[Gemma Farrell, College Tribune, 14 July]

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UCD September Graduation Ceremonies to be Held Online

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Ireland“University College Dublin (UCD) will be holding virtual graduation ceremonies this September due to COVID-19 restrictions, according to the UCD Conferring Unit. Jennifer McGowan, Conferring and Awards Assistant at the UCD Conferring Unit, confirmed to a student by email that upcoming graduation ceremonies ‘will be virtual, but we will be letting students know if this changes’ …” (more)

[Nessa Collins, College Tribune, 14 July]

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Dear Universities, You’re About to Cause a Greater Public Health Crisis Than Covid-19

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Ireland“There were sniggers this week as Trinity reported an increase in applicants due to Normal People’s romanticism of Irish university life. Most of the Twitter mockery was justified; Marianne’s Victorian townhouse, for instance, is certainly far from your average Dublin student accommodation. But there is one aspect of Irish student life which the show really nailed on the head: Connell’s appalling mental health …” (more)

[Bláthnaid Corless, College Tribune, 13 July]

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UCD Management: Not Economically Viable to Hire More Counselling Staff

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Ireland“Minutes from a meeting of the University Management Team (UMT) last February states that the UCD Counselling Service must partially out-source services to cope with demand and that it is not economically viable to hire more staff to cope with excess demand during peak months. The College Tribune has obtained minutes from a UMT meeting held on the 18th of February describing a need to sub-contract services during peak counselling periods …” (more)

[Emma Hanrahan, College Tribune, 13 July]

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UCD Residences to be ‘Filled as Normal’ Despite No Clear Guidance from Government

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Ireland“Deputy President and Registrar of University College Dublin (UCD), Professor Mark Rogers, has this week outlined plans regarding on-campus student accommodation for the coming academic year. Despite ongoing concerns over the pandemic, UCD’s eight student residences, which remained open to some students throughout the lockdown period, will ‘be filled as normal’, with ‘additional special arrangements’ to ensure the safety of its occupants from September …” (more)

[Gemma Farrell, College Tribune, 12 July]

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Concern some colleges ‘overpromising’ on campus time

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Ireland“A trade union representing university lecturers has expressed concern that some universities may be bowing to commercial concerns and ‘overpromising’ students as to the amount of time they will be able to spend on campus and in face-to-face learning come September. The warning comes as UCD became the second university this week to outline the broad details of its ‘blended learning’ approach for autumn reopening …” (more)

[Emma O Kelly, RTÉ News, 9 July]

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‘Impossible Fulfilment’

Posted in Life on July 9th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“How does a mid- or late-career academic lucky enough to be in employment gauge their degree of academic success, fulfilment or satisfaction? Fulfilment and satisfaction are subjective, but the feeling is unmistakably recognisable by its presence or absence. Success might seem easier to identify and grade, but this ease is an illusion …” (more)

[In a Strange Land, 9 July]


Undergrads at UCD to spend 40-60% of Studies In Person

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Ireland“On July 8th, Deputy President and Registrar of University College Dublin (UCD) Mark Rogers announced to current students via email the plan for the upcoming academic year, stating that ‘your education remains our top priority’ …” (more)

[Luke Murphy, College Tribune, 8 July]

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Supporting Faculty

Posted in Governance and administration on July 6th, 2020 by steve

Ireland“Until yesterday, when I heard a French radio documentary highlighting his role in Blair’s Northern Ireland peace-brokering, I hadn’t really registered Jonathan Powell or his Inter Mediate agency …” (more)

[In a Strange Land, 5 July]


Censorship Controversy Sees Rebrand for Confucius Institutes

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Ireland“The Ministry for Education in China has decided to rebrand its Confucius Institutes as centres for ‘language exchange and cooperation’. This decision may see the UCD Confucius Institute, which was completed last year, rebranded accordingly …” (more)

[Blathnaid Corless, College Tribune, 5 July]

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Lecturers Miss Student Engagement the Most during Online Learning

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Ireland“Last semester the UCD learning experience was flipped on its head as in-person teaching was suspended and the announcement made that teaching would be moving online. The College Tribune spoke to lecturers Judy Walsh, Dr Karen Smith, and Dr Mary McAuliffe from UCD’s School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice about their experience of online-teaching and the challenges it posed …” (more)

[Sadhbh O’Muirí, College Tribune, 5 July]

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Clubs Must Get Risk Assessment Approved by UCD Before Return to Activities says UCD Athletic Union Council

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Ireland“As Ireland enters its third phase of the gradual exit from lockdown, sports are resuming at UCD after a lengthy hiatus. UCD Sports Development Manager & Athletic Union Council (AUC) Executive Secretary, Suzanne Bailey, made a statement to The College Tribune stating that plans are in progress for the resumption of activity, but any plans will depend on several outside factors …” (more)

[Isobel Dunne, College Tribune, 3 July]

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No Sign of Fee Reductions for an Upcoming Year of Blended Learning

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Ireland“Several Irish universities, including University College Dublin (UCD), have ruled out fee reductions for students this Autumn semester despite fundamental changes in how courses will be delivered as a result of COVID-19 disruptions …” (more)

[Rowan Kelleher, College Tribune, 2 July]

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As Autumn Exchanges Remain Cancelled, UCD Prepares for Incoming Internationals

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Ireland“International students will be welcomed to University College Dublin (UCD) for the autumn trimester, while all autumn exchange programmes for UCD students remain cancelled. There will also be no charge for incoming international students on-campus for the first 21 days …” (more)

[Brigid Molloy, College Tribune, 30 June]

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UCD response to National Sexual Experience Survey

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Ireland“Many universities from across the country have issued responses following a recent survey highlighting the prevalence of non-consensual sexual experiences among university students. In light of the report, several representatives of University College Dublin’s staff and Students Union have acknowledged the universities acute awareness of this issue, and the importance of working to tackle it …” (more)

[Gemma Farrell, College Tribune, 30 June]

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